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Status Transportation Atlanta GA – Why You Should Try them

All the stress involved in the trucking industry is now gone, courtesy of Status transportation Atlanta GA, Status Trucks. Even with many trucking companies around, the quality found at this company is outstanding. With many interrelated aspects involved in this industry, all these are catered for under one roof. Satisfaction to all parties involved is what keeps this trucking company going and always ahead of the rest. There are teams set in the company to take solemnly interests of all the parties involved equally hence no one feels left out. Established in 2009 by people who were vast with information of what this industry entails, all companies created earlier than that cannot match these young specialists who came late into the market. With owner operators taking the center stage in operations of this company, the staff here are dedicated to offering them friendly and reliable services at all times. To ensure all these are taken care of, each operator is assigned to a freight coordinator that will work with them to maximize their profitability as the same is translated to Status transportation Atlanta GA, Status Trucks Company. The supervisors examine the business environment to foresee the dynamics in the industry to prevent losses likely to arise due to any unpreparedness. The freight coordinator helps the owner operators to choose loads that match their strategy and fits their schedules.

Status transportation Atlanta GA, Status Trucks works with the following equipment; reefers, dry vans, and flatbeds. They are outlined below;


This comes with a lot of advantages to owners in search of higher rates. Though the pay is good, it calls for extra physical work as the load requires to be secured well. But the physical work can be to their advantage keeping in mind that the sit for the better part of the day while driving. The climbing on your trailer after long hours driving helps your body exercise thus staying healthy. When using flatbeds, it is easy to load or unload because it can be done from either side of the trailer. That implies that less time is spent on loading or unloading especially if using a crane. That helps you get back to trucking easily. If you have many loads to drop in Atlanta from one depot, you can take them all with you because you can easily carry multiple loads on this type. All you need to do is to arrange the sequence on how you will be dropping the same to avoid wasting time on arrival. The loading and unloading from both sides make it easy to load multiple cargoes without touching or destroying others loaded earlier.

Flatbed trucking companies get a lot of money basing on the above descriptions. Though the distance may be similar to other forms of trucking, the multiple cargo nature is what gives them extra cash. That is why you need enough strength to fasten the chains, secure everything and move the binder.


Status transportation reviewsOwner operator joining Status transportation Atlanta GA, Status Trucks with reefers come with a similar license like that of the dry vans. Their rates are good, but the maintenance is expensive. It is possible to make multiple drops, and it’s the preferred mode for grocery deliveries. Such can be done in one day for various stores dealing with groceries. The maintenance cost of reefers shoots up because of its refrigerated trailer that needs to be checked at all times to ensure its functioning or you risk your load to rot. The refrigerator works with a combination of other equipment fitted on the trailer that increases the costs. You further need to install vents on your trailer since you hauling produce. This helps to aerate the container that prevents the vegetables and fruits from going bad. Though they cost much to install, they increase your returns by far.

Since they are perishables, all deliveries should be done quickly and in the case of a delay, let the load be dropped to the nearest store that may be selling the same. That’s why you need a freight coordinator that will avert such troubles if they arise. Even with a change in weather conditions, delays are avoided as a team of dispatchers guide the drivers in conditions likely to cause a delay.

Dry vans

This is in the same class with reefers. However compared to returns, it is slightly lower compared to the two above. This especially to the fact that dry vans cannot accommodate multiple loads. Its cargo is usually locked and sealed. The cargo should not touch another one, and that’s why it’s impossible to carry them in multiple. You have to drop one before carrying another one. Such single load in a mileage compared to other trailer types doing a similar mileage. A lot of time is taken when loading or unloading because it is done from the back of the trailer. The advantage with dry vans is that the maintenance costs are low.

Compared to other trucking companies, Status trucks stand out to provide best owner operator trucking jobs. You have the freedom to choose any of the above trailers after doing your cost-benefit analysis of each. In addition to all that, this is the best non-forced dispatch company in the market. The owners have the ability to choose what load to transport, the region to deliver the same or to decline a load due to legal and time frames imposed. This is the only non-forced dispatch company that gives you the flexibility to work on your terms and timelines. You are empowered to make your decisions and run your operations with no interruptions at all. With all these at your disposal, as an owner operator, what is holding you back from joining Status transportation Atlanta GA, Status Trucks? Welcome!